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A New Year – Back to the Basics and Running!

A New Year a Return to Running!

Renaissance Granddad Returns to an Old Workout and Starts Running Again!!

Ok so I haven’t written anything here in a very long time! One of the reasons is that I switched and started posting more at my original website Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries, and most recently I decided that I was going to focus more on the books that I read, so I started a new website This Man Reads. The second reason is last year I sucked at turning my biological clock backwards. In actuality, I think the clocks moved faster last year! Anyway, I have vowed to do better this year.  So far that is happening and hence this post!!

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Donald Byrd + Junior Wells’ Music = Great Run!!

The Cat Walk - Donald Byrd

The Run – Harper Loop – 4.25 miles

So how could I not run when the temperature is in the  60s in December! I was waffling earlier yesterday afternoon, but I did finally decide that the weather was just to nice to pass up! I decided that I would run the Harper Loop. I figured that the run up Pancoast would be a good  training challenge, but the main reason was that I can complete the run without crossing any main roads.

Anyway, I felt pretty good at the start of the run even though My work day started a 7 am at Target! I finished the first mile in 9:53 and now it was up Pancoast my goal was to make it to Harper Boulevard at the top of the hill with a pace of 10:04 /mile. That was not to be at the top my pace was 10:12/mile! The majority of the part of the third mile is downhill and by the time I had made my decent my pace was back down to 10:03 or so. I finished the third mile in 9:42 and my pace was hovering around 10 minutes per mile! The fourth mile’s pace was 10:04/mile and I finished the fourth mile with an overall pace of 10:01/mile! Damn I wanted to be under a ten minute per mile pace! But wait there was still .25 miles left in the run could I have a little sprint left in me! Yes, the pace for the last .25 miles was 9:24/mile and I finished the run with an overall pace of 9:58 /mile!! Yeah Me!! Ah, life’s little victories!!

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Citizen by Billy Sherwood and the Miles Zip!!

Citizen - Billy Sherwood

The Run – November 12, 2015 – Creek Out and Back

Being the fair-weather runner that I am, I was a little concerned on Thursday, when I could see that it was raining in the morning. I thought that maybe my run would be washed out like it was on Tuesday.But the front moved through and by the time I was ready to run at around 4 o’clock it was cloudy but not raining. I decided that I would run my Creek Out and Back since it was getting close to dark and that course crosses only one main street and it is an easy run, which fit well with a day that started a 7 am at Target!!

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The Newpart – April Verch and a Fast Mile!

The Newpart - April Verch

The Run: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Four Miles

So the good news from  Tuesday’s run was that I ran my fastest mile of the year a 9:42 mile! The better news was that it was the fourth mile of a four mile run and came after a 10:21 mile!! So even though I just missed going under 40 minutes for the total time for the run was 40:25, it was still a great run. Here are the mile splits: Mile 1 10:05 /mile, Mile 2 10:11 /mile, Mile 3 10:21 /mile and Mile 4 9:42 /mile.

The run also came after a day’s work at Target, that had started at 7 am!!  The course was my old flat Creek-Out and Back course ….

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Sky Architects Danish Prog on a Four-Mile Run!

The Hollows Sky Architects

The Run – Friday October 30, 2015 – 4 miles

So again I am two runs behind. On Friday (Oct 30th) I ran four miles over flat course and then yesterday I ran a practice 10K over portions of the same course and of course adding a coupe of more miles. Yesterday’s run was a little more challenging, I tried to keep it slow throughout the run and did maintain a pace that was slower than Thursday’s run but still maybe a little faster than I wanted to run. In my defense, I will say that I had to keep the pace a little faster because of the impending darkness. I had hoped to start the run around 3 o’clock, but then I went to Target instead and didn’t start my run until around 4:15 so with the end of Daylight Savings Time It was getting dark over the last part of the run!!

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