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Peter Kater – Resonance

Resonance - Peter Kater

Peter Kater’s Resonance, Yoga and Meditation a Perfect Trifecta

Over the last several weeks, the soundtrack for my morning meditation has been Resonance from New Age pianist Peter Kater. Resonance is Peter ‘s latest release. I think that it is one of his best albums. Several years ago, I discovered the Native American flute of R Carlos Nakai. Soon after that discovery I found the music of Peter Kater through his many collaborations with R Carlos. Many of the albums that they recorded together can be found in my music library. Through his work with R Carlos Nakai Kater developed a love and appreciation for the earth and indigenous cultures. This inspired him to invite more indigenous artist to work with him on various projects. The artists he invited include: Joanne Shenandoah, Bill Miller, Rita Coolidge, Robert Mirabel, Joseph Firecrow, Marty Youngblood, Douglas Blue Feather, Kevin Locke, Jorge Alfano and Ara Tokatlian..

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Saturday Morning Meditation and Exercise

The Meditation Music of Peter Kater

The Meditation Music of Peter Kater provides the Soundtrack 

So this morning I decided that I was sufficiently well enough to do my exercise routine that includes a combination of Kundalini and regular exercises coped with light weights and resistance band exercises. The first thing that I did though before starting the routine was to pick out the soundtrack for the exercises. I chose The Meditation Music of Peter Kater. From Amazon:

Enjoyed in spas and wellness centers across the country, Peter Kater’s original music for the healing arts has become a staple for practitioners in every modality. The Meditation Music of Peter Kater presents tracks chosen by Peter from his Healing Music series and his rich catalog of work that has earned him eight Grammy nominations in the last nine years. Relaxing and expansive, these are pieces ideally suited for formal meditation or contemplative practice of any kind More.

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