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Anti-Aging Efforts Update – February 14,2017


Ok so once again I need to apologize for not writing on this blog for a while….. (Short Break)

Ok  I’m back I just had to figure out how to download an ebook from my library. I haven’t done it for a while and I needed to reinstall the Overdrive app on my iPhone to do it! Anyway I did it and just now downloaded the book! Now the question becomes do I want to read The Perfect Assassin, book one in the David Slator series from Ward Larsen first, or continue Assassin’s Silence book three in the series, that I checked out of the library yesterday!! Can you say too many books to little time!! oh, well, I think book one has to come first!!

Now back to my original comment about my lack of writing on this blog. When I did write a post a few weeks ago I wrote that won of the reasons that I had not posted anything was that I felt guilty because of my lack of effort in attempting to slow down  my biologic clock! Well it appears that my efforts to do do over the first few weeks of 2017 may have erased that guilt!!

This Year’s Check-Up 

Last week I went to my belated 2016 yearly physical and had blood work done and an EKG. My fear was that my cholesterol level would have climbed over 200! In 2015 it had reached its highest level at 196. So that is why I started eating a little better no late night cakes or cookies an d a few more fruits and veggies. It is also why I started exercising a little differently in the mornings by going back to my old routine that included Kundalini yoga, light weights and resistance bands. The exercising and dieting has also has made it easier to start running again.

The bottom line is that my total cholesterol level dropped to 176. That is the lowest its been since 2013!  My triglycerides level also dropped 14 points from 106 to 91, The only negative was that my LDL Cholesterol level. It was still high, but the good news is that it dropped 15 points from a high of 125 to 110. The target level is 100, so I am not that far above the normal level. So I need to look for those foods that lower your LDL levels!

My EKG and blood pressure were both ok, so my doctor even suggested that I may not need to go back to the cardiologist! However, I think I will still make an appointment with him!


So far in February I have run four times. The last two runs have been over a 3.25 mile course. They have both been slow steady runs with a pace between 11:20 and 11:30 min/mile. Today I will be hitting the road a little after noon and I will tell you about it later today! Maybe I’ll try for 4 miles!!

To keep me going I started to look for 5Ks scheduled near the end of April. The one that I think that I may shoot for is  the Collingswood HS Athletic Hall of Fame 5k. It’s scheduled for Saturday April 22nd. And since it’s in Colingswood maybe I can even get my wife to go with me!!

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