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My wife and I have been researching our respective family trees for about 20 years and through the marvel that is the Internet and that task has gotten a helluva lot easier! My wife has been more successful in hr research than I have been, but then she does a heck of a lot more research than I do!! Most of my  family lines end in the early  1800s. Several of my mother’s family lines go back to the early 1800s in Southern New Jersey, while my father’s lines originate in Germany. His mother’s side is from Saxony and his father’s side  is from  Hesse and Switzerland. My complete family tree  can be viewed at Ancestry using th following link.  – Karn-Ashton Tree at

In addition to our  research we both have done DNA testing, first at 23&Me and more recently at Ancestry She has been more successful in discovering how people she makes are related to her than I have. The reason is that she has two living uncles! Her father;’s brother Roy Clarke and her mother’s brother James Browne. Their testing makes it easier for her to determine which side of the family the match is on. If the person matches Roy it’s her father’s side and Jim it’s her mom. I have no one like that. Recently though a cousin on my father’s side had her DNA tested at Ancestry and I was going to have one of my mom’s first cousins do hers. Those results would at least give me a better guess at the sides of the family the match is on!. According to analysis from Ancestry here is my DNA breakdown:

Location of European Ancestors from

Europe West from

European 98%

Europe West – 48%

Europe West includes primarily:: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein Southeast England is also included in this area.
Ireland – 34%

Scandanavia – 8%

Italy/Greece – 4%

Great Britain -2%

Trace Regions

Pacific Islands <1%

West Asia <1%

What I will be doing in this blog is t o outline what I have discovered in my genealogical research so that both my children and grandchildren will know some of the folks who made them who they are!




Featured Picture: Sisters Irmgard Meyer (r) and Charlotte Meyer Karn (l)

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