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Phillies thoughts the day after!

So this morning after the Phillies season came to an inglorious end last night, I started thinking about the team and the franchise. The franchise has lost more games than any other franchise in sports history having broken the 10,000 game mark a few years ago! Being a Phillies follower for the last 50 years (is that possible?) I’ve seen my fair share of those loses! Including those 23 in a row and 1972 when the team won 54 games and Steve Carlton won 27 of them! I’ve seen the team go from worst to first from 1992 to 1993 only to have the dream season destroyed by Joe Carter. Then there are the World Series appearances the first in 1915 and it would be another 35 years they returned in 1950 and another 30 years until they won their first World Series in 1980. Since then the team returned to the series in 1983 only to win the first game and then lose the next four games to Baltimore! It was another ten years until the return in 1993 only to have the dream season end the way it did! The Giants this year remind me a lot of that 1993 Phillies team a bunch of players that had played for other teams and together they clicked and won it all!

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Willpower – Go Will – Let’s Fight Lung Cancer!

So last night was one of those nights when real life takes over from music listening and blogging. About six to eight weeks before my son Peter and Missy’s wedding, Missy’s brother Will was in the hospital and being treated for pneumonia when the doctors discovered spots on his lungs and he was diagnosed with Stage Four lung cancer. It appears to be mostly in in one lung and at that point it was unknown whether the spots on the other lung were cancerous. It was hoped that it was not and then the bad lung could be removed. When the other lung was biopsied it too was cancer. Will, a non-smoker, was a classmate of my son Andrew and is 28 married with a cute little boy. After some radiation treatments it appears that there is no more cancer in the one lung and the tumor in the other appears to be dead and has shrunk 30 percent! It’s hoped that it will keep shrinking to the point that an operation to remove it may be possible! Last night we attended a fund raiser for Will and Nicole at Prospectors in Mount Laurel. There were many baskets to be raffled off, a band and an outpouring of love for Will!! One of the things that Will an Nicole have learned during this ordeal is that there is not a lot of funding first for lung cancer and more specifically for this type of lung cancer. Here is an article about lung cancer Understanding Lung Cancer and here’s a Facebook page WTF(Where’s the Funding for Lung Cancer? which links back to this page.

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Twang Tuesday Part II – Jupiter Coyote

Ok so maybe they’re not that twangy but they do have a banjo and fiddle and that’s close enough for me. Anyway the band that I listened to the longest and liked the most on the first listen yesterday was Jupiter Coyote and their album Waxing Moon and as usual these guys have been around forever, well at least 20 years and I’ve never heard of them! But then I just started listening to bands like Widespread Panic and New Monsoon so here’s some background from their website:

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Welcome Back and this AM – Burning Sky!

After two days on the road – six hours plus to Williamsburg on Monday and then pack up my daughters stuff at William and Mary and then six plus hours back yesterday I am back and maybe can even write some stuff today to catch up!! I didn’t really listen to anything new on the trip just listened to a mix of the stuff I already had on the mp3 player!

I listened quickly to some different blues musicians last night but couldn’t listen to them this morning as I was doing some writing so I listened to some Native American flute music! First Canyon records artist Burning Sky and their album A Simple Man. Burning Sky comes from Arizona and is composed of Aaron White on guitar and Kelvin Bizahaloni on Native American flute with Michael Bannister on percussion. They  perform original instrumental music influenced by Native American themes and contemporary styles. I really like the CD and will listen to more by these guys!

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Sunday Stuff – Part 1 – Mary Youngblood

So one of the other types of music that I listen to at work when background music without lyrics is needed or at times of stress is American Native Flute. My favorite artist is R. Carlos Nakai. I also listen to Robert Tree Cody and Douglas Spotted Eagle. One artist who I have listened to a little is Mary Youngblood , but the other day I downloaded onto the mp3 player her 2002 release Beneath the Raven Moon and I have a new Native American flutist to listen to! Here’s what her website says about the album which one a Grammy in 2003

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