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Circles of 8 – Holland Phillips

Circles of 8 by Holland Phillips Becomes a Movement Meditation Staple

Over the last week I have continued to do movement yoga for 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of my morning yoga routine. It seems to get me both moving and grounded at the same time. I have used a few different albums. The first one was Immortelle by Deuter and most recently Marika Takeuchi’s Colors in the Diary. For several days in between those two albums, I used Holland Phillip’s most recent release Circles of 8. Since most of my body and arm movements are movements are figure eights, I  thought the album would fit perfectly and it does.

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Something New for My Morning Yoga with Music by Deuter

Deuter’s Immortelle Provides the Soundtrack for this Morning’s Yoga

This morning I decided to change-up my morning yoga routine. Typically, my routine starts with whatever yoga series that I am doing,  followed by a 10 to 15 minute meditation.

Many times during my meditation, I slowly move my body in slow figure eights. The movements seem to relax various sides of my body and improve the meditation. So last night I did a search on Google for movement during meditation and found several articles on movement meditation. At I read the following about movement meditation…

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Soothing Sounds from Richard Carr – Matters of Balance

Matters of Balance – Richard Carr

Last night as I looked down the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Airplay Chart the album at number 7 caught my eye. The album was titled Matters of Balance and the artist was Richard Carr. The album cover looked pretty cool  and I had never heard of Richard Carr so I opened up Spotify to  check the album out. So I put the album on an picked up my book and started to read. Pretty soon I was doing more listening than reading!!

I turned to the album again this afternoon and once again the album won when going head to head with my book  Connectography by Parag Khanna. While it was obviously that the main instrument on the album was piano, the accompanying instruments were terrific. They included: trumpet, violin, cello, drums and more.

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Yesterday in Music -Nov 14, 1977 – Derek Gripper is born and leads to the discovery of the Music of Mali!!

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Last night the tiredness of the last now three days of work caught up with me and I was unable to complete this post …….

So tonight I was reviewing the list of jazz musician birthdays on November 14th and a name that caught my attention was guitarist Derek Gripper, who was born on today’s date in 1977. I read in his biography at All About Jazz that….

Derek Gripper is a composer and guitarist from the Western Cape of South Africa, merging “the imagery and mystery of the rural areas of the Cape” with the techniques of classical guitar and the string music of Africa (uhadi bow, umrhubhe, kora, guitar). Derek calls this new evolution of music New Cape describing it as a “rethinking of the Cape’s transcultural heritage.”

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Musical Safari to Indonesia – simakDialog – The 6th Story

Yesterday as I was surfing around the Internet, I came across a review at Jazz Archives for a band named simak Dialog and their latest album The 6th Story. As I read the following, I thought wow! This band really fits this blog…a musical safari to the far reaches of Indonesia:

More and more fusion fans around the world are beginning to realize that Indonesia has become a hotbed for fresh and original jazz fusion music. Along with the creativity and energy, there is also a lot of variety to the styles of these bands. Some Indonesian bands play in a style that could come from anywhere on the globe, while others tend to show more influence from their roots in Indonesian music and culture. With the release of their new CD, “The Sixth Story”, simak Dialog gladly shows that they are the band with the most roots culture as they mix gamelan rhythms and structure with a unique take on fusion to create one of the most original CDs to come out this year. Thanks to musical “borrowers” like Steve Reich and Robert Fripp, many people have a mistaken concept of what gamelan sounds like. There is nothing fake or borrowed on “6th Story”, this is the real gamelan; complicated, syncopated, earthy and not for amateurs to attempt. Read more

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