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The Hunt for DNA Connections Goes On!

Through DNA the Hunt for Genealogical Connections Goes On!!

So over the last several weeks I have spent more time at, trying to unravel the tangled roots of my various family lines, than either reading or listening to music. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading or listening at all, just that my focus has been on searching for dead people. One of the most interesting finds was a great-aunt Alice Matilda Ashton.

My great-grandfather John Sherrington Ashton III was born in 1858. The son of John Sherrington Ashton and Mary Parezo. John married Mary E Warwick in 1881. As far as I knew they had five children: Mary Catherine, Edward, William L., Horace, and Blanche. Of those children, my mother only knew one, William, who was to her Uncle Bill, who lived in Pennsylvania. From my genealogical searching I knew of Horace,Edward and Blanche. Edward and Blanche both died as teenagers. Horace was only one when he died. Recently, I discovered through DNA and Ancestry that Mary Catherine married an Emil Gottlieb and lived in Philadelphia. She even had a child named John Sherrington Gottlieb!!

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John Sherrington Gottlieb?? Who Knew!

Need to add Gottliebs to my fan chart!

RGranddad Adds  New Cousins from the Gottlieb Family!

So the name John Sherrington Ashton has a nice British ring to it, don’t you think!  Well, it should my family immigrated from Lincolnshire, England in 1851. But how about the name John Sherrington Gottlieb!! Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it. But through the wonders of Ancestry and DNA testing.  I have discovered that he does have a branch on my family tree!

It all started the other day, when I noted a new extremely high 4th to 6th cousin match from a person with the user name of glgottlieb1. Looking at the name, my first thought was that he would have a German connection to my tree. So I was shocked, when I previewed his limited tree (10 people), and saw that the name we shared was ASHTON! His grandmother’s name was listed as Catherine Ashton. When I checked our shared locations I saw that his father, Lawrence Emil Gottlieb born on May 6, 1907, was born in Philadelphia!  When I found the family in the 1910 census, I saw that Mary was born in New Jersey as was her father and mother. She was 28 years old putting her birth around 1882. Emil was born in Illinois, and his parents in Denmark Additionally, all

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RGranddad’s Merry Christmas!

Time with Family + Thoughtful Gifts = Merry Christmas for RGranddad

So wow, a whole week has gone by with nary a post from RGranddad!! But then it was a rather a busy Christmas Week! Monday I babysat Zoe for a little while, it would have been longer because Dad Peter was home sick, but while he still felt bad, he said he could watch Zoe. So I went home and brought the tree in to start setting it up. Later, we went back so that Grammie could visit with Zoe! Tuesday and Wednesday I worked at Target and then Thursday was Christmas Eve and, of course, Friday was Christmas.

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Updating a Busy Week, few posts….

Buy My Soul Back - Kevin Selfe A top musical exploration!

but lots going on….

So this week has been a busy week, but one of the things that has been missing is running! My last run was on last Sunday!! Since then, I’ve missed one run due to the weather, two because I was pleasantly babysitting my grandson Oliver and the other days I didn’t have running shoes.My old ones got tossed and I haven’t made it to Sports Authority to buy new ones yet. Oh and then there was the day that one of our two nineteen year-old cats was hit by a car and we sadly had to put him to sleep. Anyway the bottom line is that I haven’t been running but I’ve been busy!. Hopefully, I will be able to run tomorrow!!

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The Winery Dogs highlight a busy week…..

The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak

The Week in Review…..

So things have been a little hectic around here lately. Last week I was able get my Monday run in, but then things got very busy. I worked my normal shift at Target (7 am to 1 pm) and then shortly after dinner we got a call from my son Andrew, his mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital with problems stemming from her diabetes. They needed me to come down and stay with Oliver until they got back from the hospital. I didn’t have to do much because by the time I got there Oliver was asleep and I didn’t hear a peep from him all night. Andrew and Meaghan got home near 12 which was not a problem because I was spending the night, since I was babysitting Oliver on Wednesday!

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