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Two Four Mile Runs – Two Great Albums Make for a Nice Weekend

Heaven and Beyond - Knight Area powers one of my weekend runs

Two Four-Mile runs highlight the Weekend…

So last weekend was a great running weekend! On Friday I ran my first 4 mile run of 2017. I followed that with a 3 mile walk on Saturday and capped the weekend off with another 4-mile run on Sunday. Adding the two four-mile runs to my 3.25 mile run from earlier in the week, the result is 11.25 miles run for the week. This is the first time that I ran more than 10 miles in a week in a very long time!!!

Friday’s run was over an out and back course that I call Creek Out and Back. Through the years it has been a course that I run consistently. On this run and Sunday’s run I kept a close watch on my heart rate and tried to keep it as low as I could and still run at an acceptable pace. On Friday I ran the four miles in 46:36 for an average pace of 11:36 min/mile. My average heartbeat was 144 bpm.

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A Good Run with Great Bluegrass from Ray Cardwell

Tennessee Moon - Ray Cardwell

The Run – 3.25 Mile Creek Loop

Today’s run was my fifth run in the month of February. That’s a good start on the year and on a pace to run on more days than a typical February. I ran the same course today that I have run for the last  two runs. It is a 3.25 mile loop that is mainly flat with a couple of small increases in elevation. Initially, I thought about running 4 miles today, but after running the first mile in the fastest time this year, I decided to shorten it to 3.25 miles. I shorten the run  for two reasons. The first reason was so I wouldn’t be tired for the rest of the day! And the second because  I needed to leave time to shower and eat lunch between the end of the run and babysitting granddaughter Zoe!

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A Recap of This Week’s Runs! (Jan 23-29)

Picture of a good run to motivate me!

Week of Jan 23-29 – Three Runs Woo-Hoo!

What a week! It’s the first week in I don’t know how long that I actually run on three days! Maybe just maybe my biologic clock slowed down just a little this week. I know that  I am starting to feel a lot better. The trick will be to keep it going.

In addition to this week’s three runs,I also did a 20 minute stationary bike workout on Tuesday. I really don’t use the stationary bike much and when I do I always think that it doesn’t do much for me. But after doing that 20 minute workout with TriJake Fitness I think that the problem is me and not the bike! I do believe that I will be doing more bike workouts in the future!!

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A Walk/Jog to Restart Running – Music by Aisles

Aisles - Hawaii
A Walk/Jog to Restart Running and Slow My Raging Biologic Clock…..

So for the last six to eight months,particularly the last three months, I feel that my biological clock has been moving ahead a full speed. While I have been keeping up with my daily yoga and meditation, even including a couple of days a week with light weights. I have done little else right. I have run maybe five to six times this year and now that I haven’t been for my walks with Oliver, I have packed on several unwanted pounds!!

My diet hasn’t been too bad, but there have been a few too many late night cake snacks! So this week I need to start doing a little better!! First on the list of things to do is to start running again. I did just that this morning. Well, maybe not “just” that there was some walking mixed in, but at least I was out there doing it!!

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A Good Run the First Since ????

A New Year a Return to Running!
Maybe January??? But I think I will be able to keep going forward with a weekend run…..

While I was on my walk on Tuesday, I was moving pretty well and I felt like I could run without much trouble, so rather that go for another walk, I felt like I could run today. My goal was to run two miles, with a secondary goal of running for 30 minutes if I felt pretty good during the run.

So  I loaded up some blues from Toronzo Cannon, his latest album The Chicago Way and took off. I hit the first half-mile mark running at a 10:40 /mile pace and feeling pretty good. I finished the first mile in 10:49 and I felt okay so a 2 mile run was going to be doable. I felt good through the second mile (10:53) and knew that I was going to make the 30 minute goal. I struggled slightly over the final part of the run covering the last .8 miles at an 11:03 /mile pace. But even with that slowing down my overall pace for the run was under 11 minutes per mile! My heart rate at the end of the race was 162, but after a couple of minutes it was down to 112. I am really encouraged by today’s run and maybe it won’t take me as long as I thought to get back to running sub-10 minute miles. Right! What I do need to remember is that I do have to take it slow and try not to overdo it!

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