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I am a  63 year-old renaissance granddad of two wonderful grandchildren Oliver Edward, son of our son Andrew and his wife Meaghan and Zoe Isabella daughter of son Peter and his wife Melissa. As such it is my goal to become and remain a vital force in their lives for as long as I can. To do that, I need to be the best that i can role model for this endeavor is not either of my own grandfathers because they both passed away before I was 5 years old!

My own father passed away when his oldest grandchild at the time was not even 4 years old and my father-in-law before they were in their teens. My role model is actually my wife’s Uncle Jim Browne. Through the years, I have always looked up to Jim, Jim was and is someone who I respected his intelligence, he holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, his liberal political views, and his athletic achievements. He has run a marathon and was a World Class orienteer!  I always  can talk politics, books, music and sports with Jim and come away impressed! So through the years I’ve tried to do the same running, reading and listening to music,oh and staying up on world and national events! Now as I enter this new phase of my life as a semi-retired granddad it’s important to me that I keep doing those things and everything else I can do to stay vital!!

Through the posts and the pages of Renaissance Granddad you will read about the my attempts to turn back my biologic clock through diet and exercise and other anti-aging methods. As well as my attempts to increase my happiness, ala Gretchen Rubin.  You will also read about my family and those grandchildren and my struggle to add to their and my family tree, which is WAY behind their grandmother’s.

But Renaissance Granddad is only a tip of the iceberg regarding my methods to stay young……One of  methods that I use to keep my brain young is to continue to read ! Over the last ten years I have read an average of 42 books a year, with a high of 53 and a low of 34! Over the last 5 years I have reviewed the books I read, first at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries and now at Book-Ed!

 Another method I use to fight aging is to listen to and explore new music. My iTunes library has over 20,000 tracks and keeps growing I chronicle my explorations at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries and a variety of sub-domains including ones for Jazz, Progressive Rock and New Age at FreeWheelin’ Music Safari.

Finally, I try to stay young by continuing to learn!  What I learn about may be historical, political or any other aspects of the world around me! I blog about what I discover at a site I call Finding Out!

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Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries


Finding Out!

Free Wheelin’ Music Safari

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