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A Recap of This Week’s Runs! (Jan 23-29)

Picture of a good run to motivate me!

Week of Jan 23-29 – Three Runs Woo-Hoo!

What a week! It’s the first week in I don’t know how long that I actually run on three days! Maybe just maybe my biologic clock slowed down just a little this week. I know that  I am starting to feel a lot better. The trick will be to keep it going.

In addition to this week’s three runs,I also did a 20 minute stationary bike workout on Tuesday. I really don’t use the stationary bike much and when I do I always think that it doesn’t do much for me. But after doing that 20 minute workout with TriJake Fitness I think that the problem is me and not the bike! I do believe that I will be doing more bike workouts in the future!!

But now back to the runs. I ran on Wednesday, Friday and again today. (I start my week on Monday)

Wednesday’s Run

Wednesday’s run was a 2.5 mile run over the same course that I have previously run earlier this month. I just added a little to the 2.1 course to bring up to 2.5 miles. It is an out and back course over a route I usually run.My overall time for the run was 25:11 which is an average pace of 11:13 minutes per mile. The splits were 11:09, 11:29 and 10:20 over the last half-mile.

The soundtrack of the run was the new release 3 Minutes to Midnight from New Age  guitarist Lawson Rollins.

Friday’s Run

Because it was really windy on Friday, I created a new 2.5 mile course. I laid it out to minimize the distance I would be running into the wind! So the majority of the run was cross-wind. The total time for the run 28:02. Average Pace 11:10 /mile. The splits 11:07, 11:12 and .5 @11:14. The good thing about this run was that my average heart rate went down to 144 bpm!

The soundtrack for the run was Talk About That – the latest release from the legendary John Mayall.

Sunday’s Run 

Today I ran the same course as Friday. The good thing was that it was not quite as cold or windy! The good thing was that I ran. I could have put it off because we had to go to a viewing this afternoon around the time that I usually run. But rather than just putting it off until tomorrow I laced them up and ran earlier in the day! Yeah me! Ah, life’s little victories!

The run started out a little slower than my previous runs this week, but that was a good thing. Because mile number to was faster than one and my overall all time for the run went down to 27:52. Not very much but when you’re 65 every little second counts!! My average pace for the run was 11:07 right around the pace for the first mile on my previous runs! The splits were 11:12, 11:07 and the final .5 miles was 10:56 a very little kick!!

The soundtrack for the run was Tangled in Dream the 2000 release from an Australia Progressive Metal band from Australia!

I know that all of the above is actually pretty boring to most of you, but it helps keep me focused and moving forward! Now what I have decided to do is to review the albums at Freewheelin’ Music Safari. I will provide links to the reviews on this site and to the runs on Freewheelin’ Music. So in the future I will try to do the reviews first!! But for the above albums you will have to check back!!

The featured image is me battling a stroller several years ago at a Halloween 5K!

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